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PNGTubing is a lot more easier now.

If you like the discord style of PNGTuber, but you don't like to set it up using discord. This is for you!

Gazo Tuber Blinking Preview

PNG made by me for MyrBerry


  • Mac user need to download the app using Itch.io app


  • If you are getting an error saying "app is damaged" Check on this solution:


What Gazo Tuber Can Do?

  • Discord style reactive image.
  • Bouncy Animation.
  • Shakes when screaming.
  • Darken effect when not talking.
  • Blinking.
  • Animation using PNG Sequences. 
  • Gif SUpport.

Future Plan:

  • Making Gazo Tuber as a place to connect with other people. Chat Room and Game Room where user could interacts with other users.
  • This is the biggest milestone and might takes forever to achieve, but one day for sure!

Stream Setup

  • OBS & SLOBS. User need to capture Gazo Tuber with Game Capture if they wanna work with transparency. 
  • Twitch Studio beta. Unfortunately transparency will not work for now but user can use the built-in greenscreen feature.

Important Notes!

  • Gazo Tuber does not store your selected photo, instead it store the location of your photos. I suggest user to place all important PNGs in one precious folder to prevent from being deleted. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tagsgazo, gazo-png-tuber, gazo-tuber, gazotuber, gazo-vtuber, png-tuber, pngtuber, Singleplayer, virtual-youtuber, vtuber
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsVoice control


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Windows 2.9.1 39 MB
Linux 2.9.1 20 MB
Gazo Tuber Source Code (Open with Godot Goost) 27 MB
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i did the 'xttar -cr (file path)' thing, and i opened it, and i have an issue with the code signature. is there an issue with the command, or is it just me?

hey! im not sure whats causing this to happen but the only way i can get the program to work with my microphone is if i run as administrator. it worked fine the first time i downloaded it and ive tried reinstalling and ive triple checked my mic input settings, opening it normally even shows the option for my mic, but regardless of input no audio is accepted unless its ran as admin. do you know what could be causing this?

Will this tool ever be added to steam?


I don't think so because it cost me

That makes sense I forgot it cost money to upload a game or softwar

have you a setting for blink eyes ?

How do I import an PNG??

I have an issue. I am launching it on macos sonoma and it doesn't recgonize any micrphone... I need help

I cannot figure out how to use hotkeys or if there are any hotkeys at all

Please Can You Add A Slider To Control How Long The "Talk State" Stays On ?, It Feels Too Fast As I Would Like It To Hold It A Little Longer After I Talk :( .

Im not sure if others have had this problem but when I switch scenes using either the hotkeys or just clicking, it crashes

i can't use hotkeys at all

help - i downloaded on my mac, and got it to kill the error, but when I open it just says Gazo tube quite unexpectedly? does this work on apple silicon chip macs?

como entro a ese juego?

;(was the day that we were 

(2 edits)

When uploading a PNG Sequence initially it didn't play at all, which seemed to be due to the images being too many images or memory being taken up (2000x2000). However, when I halved the size, now it plays but at an incredibly low frame rate. The video about animation support showed a Frame Interval setting—but this current version doesn't seem to have any such thing now... (´ー ー`;)

That said, even making the PNGs even smaller, there doesn't seem to be any clear cause for the animation not working. I don't know if it would help—but Animated-PNG or even GIF compatibility would at the very least make what to expect from the consistency clearer.

I am sorry if the app doesn't work with a huge file. I myself haven't encountered that kind of issue since I don't use animation sequence mainly. 

For your information, most of the videos are outdated and many changes happened to simplify the program. 

Btw it support gif file. 

I see, well in any case, for your sake, the issue seems to be that the program doesn't like it when there are too many frames/given images. Otherwise, it works seamlessly. Hopefully, that helps and best wishes—! (。・∀・)ノ゙




is there any way to make it so i can still change the expressions when when im using a different program?


this is literally veadotube but differently arranged

Did you actually use the software, mate? Sure, they have the same purpose and the same function, but both have decently different featuresets if you actually put them side by side (example, Veadotube lets you change states with keybinds and has a Sprout output, Gazo has window transparency and a "Scream" function, etcetera). Definitely more than just "Veadotube but differently arranged".

Tbf Veadotube doesn't need in-app transparency because it works with Sprout2, and the 'scream' function can just be made as a separate preset.

I personally prefer window transparency since the Sprout 2 plugin for OBS is a bit weird and I don't like doing all the setup needed to get it to work every single time. But to each their own.

this software allows for bigger image files and also uses actual transparency so it doesn't have coloured outline around the images like veadotube does, so already for me that is a huge difference. 

funnily enough multiple people can develop software for the same purpose but differently so people can have options! for example premiere pro and davinci resolve are two options for video editing. you'd think most people would know that

I'm testing it out with my png model and I'm not sure why but it's not letting me upload anything to the X) and XD slots (bottom corner triangle slots).

Also what is the scream option?

Does this not pick up headsets that only use USB cord connections to the computer? My headset mic is not getting picked up. It's a Corsair HS80.

whats the recommended size for the png?

(1 edit) (+1)

Edit: Nevermind! Turns out it was my fault all along; apparently I've been using my headset wrong all these years! My Turtle Beach P11 headset has a USB cord and an Audio cord. I've only ever used the USB because it simply worked out the box like that. Seems that if I want a stable recording I NEED to use the audio cord. Go figure 😅

So your program is fine and works wondefully! As soon as I get some extra income I'll be sure to pay you for your work!

I'm having issues...

I can't save anything, I can't put in hotkeys. And the transparency thing is really weird. I can't stream with it because it won't move my model unless I'm actively on the app window, not my stream or wherever else I'm doing.


Hi wdym by weird? To capture the transparency, you need to enable "Allow Transparency" in the game capture setting in OBS.

You don't have to minimize the window, just let it run on the background of your game.

I tried using Gazo today, but my model has recently become too large for the whole of it to fit on the screen. May I ask what the recommended size is?


hey there, you can resize with mouse scroll.  as for recomended size, there is no recomended size but my model usually 9x9 inch

That actually did it. Thanks!

I’m running into an issue where the app is crashing on startup even after running the xattr -cr command from the linked video.

I can provide the logs if wanted.

macOS 13.3, M2 processor tried both the 2.9.1 and the 2.8.2 versions.

let me know if I can help!

Sure can u give me the log please?

(2 edits)

Hello there, somewhat unrelated to the software, but it seems like your twitter link is broken for some reason.


auch thanks for letting me know

Hi, this video is very informative. I do need further help though. I have 1 ultra-wide screen where I game and stream. Whenever I'm on the game, it won't allow me to change expressions since gazo tuber is not my active window. of course, the hotkey works when Im on the gazo tuber window. What do you suggest I do?

My mic isnt working idk what im doing wrong
im on mac and downloaded it from itch.io like it says
using a steelseries artis 5 mic

so i use this program on the regular. however i tried to get the latest version and it won't recognize my mic anymore. im sorry if this is a reoccurring issue. :(

are u on windows

anyway, try deleting the whole Gazo Tuber folder here:

"C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Gazō Tuber".

After that, try downloading it again. If it doesn't work, delete the whole Gazo Tuber again and download the alt version from here:


i've unfortunately done this multiple times with no change. will have to use the old 2.8.2 version. i dont know why this is happening.


Replying to say I'm having the same issue with the newest version of Gazo. The suggested fixes sadly haven't worked. ; w ;

So I believe I've figured out the problem. I had the same issue with my mic not connecting at all but I realized this is only a problem when I was using my default output (which were my headphones). when I went into my windows settings then app sound preferences and switch the application's output to my speakers it was solved. So I guess make sure the output for the application is anything other then default and it should be fixed.

sorry didn't see this. yes im on windows.

Hi there, I have downloaded version 2.9 and noticed that whenever it's supposed to scream, the screaming avatar disappears. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app  and now, it would not let me add a screaming png

Thank you for letting me know. Pushing the update in a bit!

Hello! I'm trying to set it up for streaming, but in my tests, every time I switch between scenes (ex: animated BRB screen to live screen) the program crashes and I have to reopen it. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you!

Changing scene using hotkeys in the app? Or just by clicking the other scene button?

maybe the png file is corrupted. Try delete all the png and import different png, just to see if its working

Hi! Thanks for the hard work. I have a problem where after fixing the mac "file is damaged" error, the app crashes immediately when opened. I've tried redownloading several times and double-checking that it's in the correct folder, but nothing works.

Hey there, I'm struggling to find where I can toggle my prop on, I have an image in the slot but I'm unsure how to turn it on and off.

(2 edits)

The application isn't responding to any of my Microphone Inputs, despite having the app set to Admin, set compatibility to Windows 8 or 7, and set App Priority to High. How can I fix that? I'm using a USB Condenser Microphone called the Sudotack ST-600.

Edit: I downloaded Version 2.8.2, from Softpedia and the mic gets picked up there. I'll be using that for now, but I hope I get to use the latest version. Hope that will help figure something out.

Thank you for your feedback. I aint sure what happened there but I'll try figure something 

Thank you as well, the app is amazing with low CPU and RAM usage while still maintaining key features. May your programming bring you lots of success.

(1 edit)

Responding to this because I had the same thing happen to me about a week or so ago! I waited to see if it would end up working but it did not until I also downloaded Version 2.8.2 where the mic seems to pick up now. Thank you for the suggestion and much luck finding a fix in the future <3

(1 edit)

question how do i add it to a streaming program like OBS

here an old video but might help

where did you create your avatar guys?

Hi Im currently experiencing issues with it not picking up my mic but randomly still reacting. I dont know what the issue could be

same did your get fix?

How do I get to start drawing my png tuber drawing?

Hey, how do I match Presets with hotkeys? I can't find the settings to do that anywhere

the default hotkeys are 1-10 or f1-f10

Thank you!

Sorry to bother you again, but whenever I'm in a different application, the hotkeys don't work ;;

From Fox Lee:
"I use a really simple AutoHotkey script to send my numpad key presses to Gazō Tuber even when I have some other window in focus. If you're interested"



I got it to work!!

hey if u are streaming, leave ur link here so I can check on u sometimes 

I like your program very much, but it wont take my microphone :(
(Windows, I already set everything to "high priority")
What can I do?

Hi! Did u select the correct microphone in the mic selection? If it still not working, try restarting the app multiple times. Also, may I know what is ur microphone name? I might need to look it over.

(1 edit)

How do I download this on Linux

There is Linux version, click on the download link I provided.

I meant on Chromebook

Hi, when I try to open up the program it keeps hitting me with a screen saying "Gazo Tuber quit unexpectedly" and then gives me details about it, please tell me how to fix it? :(

(1 edit)

what operating system u are using? And which file did u downloaded?
Also can u tell me what the error detail is?

hi sorry for responding so late, I'm using a Mac, and I downloaded the Mac file, I did everything to fix damaged apps, but everything I do it just won't work

have u tried redownloading it? Perhaps there was a corruption with the last download version.

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