A downloadable tool

PNGTubing is a lot more easier now.

If you like the discord style of PNGTuber, but you don't like to set it up using discord. This is for you!

Gazo Tuber Blinking Preview

PNG made by me for MyrBerry



  • If you are getting an error saying "app is damaged" Check on this solution:


What Gazo Tuber Can Do?

  • Discord style reactive image.
  • Bouncy Animation.
  • Shakes when screaming.
  • Darken effect when not talking.
  • Blinking.
  • Animation using PNG Sequences. 
  • Gif SUpport.

Future Plan:

  • Making Gazo Tuber as a place to connect with other people. Chat Room and Game Room where user could interacts with other users.
  • This is the biggest milestone and might takes forever to achieve, but one day for sure!

Stream Setup

  • OBS & SLOBS. User need to capture Gazo Tuber with Game Capture if they wanna work with transparency. 
  • Twitch Studio beta. Unfortunately transparency will not work for now but user can use the built-in greenscreen feature.

Important Notes!

  • Gazo Tuber does not store your selected photo, instead it store the location of your photos. I suggest user to place all important PNGs in one precious folder to prevent from being deleted. 

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InputsVoice control

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The application isn't responding to any of my Microphone Inputs, despite having the app set to Admin, set compatibility to Windows 8 or 7, and set App Priority to High. How can I fix that? I'm using a USB Condenser Microphone called the Sudotack ST-600.

Edit: I downloaded Version 2.8.2, from Softpedia and the mic gets picked up there. I'll be using that for now, but I hope I get to use the latest version. Hope that will help figure something out.

Thank you for your feedback. I aint sure what happened there but I'll try figure something 

Thank you as well, the app is amazing with low CPU and RAM usage while still maintaining key features. May your programming bring you lots of success.

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question how do i add it to a streaming program like OBS

here an old video but might help

where did you create your avatar guys?

Hi Im currently experiencing issues with it not picking up my mic but randomly still reacting. I dont know what the issue could be

same did your get fix?

How do I get to start drawing my png tuber drawing?

Hey, how do I match Presets with hotkeys? I can't find the settings to do that anywhere

the default hotkeys are 1-10 or f1-f10

Thank you!

Sorry to bother you again, but whenever I'm in a different application, the hotkeys don't work ;;

From Fox Lee:
"I use a really simple AutoHotkey script to send my numpad key presses to Gazō Tuber even when I have some other window in focus. If you're interested"



I got it to work!!

hey if u are streaming, leave ur link here so I can check on u sometimes 

I like your program very much, but it wont take my microphone :(
(Windows, I already set everything to "high priority")
What can I do?

Hi! Did u select the correct microphone in the mic selection? If it still not working, try restarting the app multiple times. Also, may I know what is ur microphone name? I might need to look it over.

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How do I download this on Linux

There is Linux version, click on the download link I provided.

I meant on Chromebook

Hi, when I try to open up the program it keeps hitting me with a screen saying "Gazo Tuber quit unexpectedly" and then gives me details about it, please tell me how to fix it? :(

(1 edit)

what operating system u are using? And which file did u downloaded?
Also can u tell me what the error detail is?

hi sorry for responding so late, I'm using a Mac, and I downloaded the Mac file, I did everything to fix damaged apps, but everything I do it just won't work

have u tried redownloading it? Perhaps there was a corruption with the last download version.

I’m on iOS but it doesn’t work 

mac os? What error are u getting? The  microphone?

Hey-o. So, I've actually tested the Linux build on my Pi desktop using an x86 emulation layer...and it actually works compared to some others I've tried. However, I'm not sure about using OBS on my Pi though. In the meantime, I tested it using Discord's screen share (the browser version of Discord, mind you)

My only complaint is that the interface for setting it up is squashed in some places. Plus, it was unclear about using double-click to turn off transparency or even greenscreen, but other than that, this is probably the most optimized pngtuber app I've seen.

To put it simply, I love it! I would also love a native aarch64/arm64 version for those that can't work with a x86_64 emulation layer.

Thanks for an amazing app though. <3

Hi thanks for trying the app! I'm currently re-writing the app. I'll try make it easier for all platform available out there.

Anyway, can u elaborate more about " the interface for setting it up is squashed in some places".

Thank you!

Long story short, the "change background" setting is squashed behind one of the other options...if it actually appears of course. By the way, I'm you're using Godot instead of Unity3D. The latter is a bit of a mess despite being more "popular" than Godot.

I'm having trouble with it not picking up my mic.  How do I go about fixing this?  

what operating system u are on?

Windows 10.  It's working again though.  

excuse me im a linux user gazotuber on kofi has linux version?

Yes ofc there is a linux build there


how do i use it


Hello! I wanted to know if there was any way to assign a key to expressions. Also if in the future there could be a more comfortable way to switch between avatars. I love the program, the screams are very cute

From Fox Lee:
"I use a really simple AutoHotkey script to send my numpad key presses to Gazō Tuber even when I have some other window in focus. If you're interested"


Where do I put this script for it to work? Can you explain it to me like I'm 5 pls. I really want to use GazoTuber but I need to be able to hotkey the different expressions! Thank you in advance <3

You must have Autohotkey installed

how can I resize the image?

(1 edit)

mouse scroll to zoom

hold right click to drag

(1 edit)

Hi there! I had a previous version of the app and it allowed me to put a custom image in the background. Now I am on ver 2.8.2 and I want to remove the background image since it was a silly picture. Is there a way I could do that? Maybe reset the app and delete the cache? When I resize the window the button for custom background is there, but I cannot do anything. 

(1 edit)

Wew the custom backgroud button is still there? That's a silly bug ahahha thank you for letting me know.

To reset the background to default, navigate to:
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Gazō Tuber

In that directory, I believe there are files called something like "BG.save" or something.

You need to delete em. 

idk if this is to do with it not being compatible with my PC but i cant seem to find a way to open the actual thing

might be bc i have no braincells idk

What Operating Sytem you are using? Windows? You need to extract the file first.

Idk if it has anything to do with my PC but for some reason after the program been open for a bit,I start getting mic delay or something like that

Are u a new user or u had used the previous version?

Im new to the program yeah 

U might need to set the app priority as "High" or "Above Normal"

When I downloaded it, it says that it contains a virus for some reason 

It doesn't contain virus. My app isn't registered in your Operating System system so they thought it's a risky app. This is a very common because my app is not registered officially in windows store.

I had to download the other version for me to use the app and Idk how to import. ;-;

check this out


Is there any way to return to normal mode after selecting transparency mode?

I'm using Ver 2.8.2 if that helps

double click on your screen


oh gotcha thank you

Still having to use 2.6 - any version after that does not work properly in OBS. 2.6, I am able to minimize the program and OBS has no issues showing my movement. 
Everything above that, the Gazo window freezes and nothing moves. 

with the current version, user have to put Gazo Tuber at the background, don't minimize it.


Thank you so much for the optimization update!
I believe my CPU load for it went from 5-10%~ to just about 0.5%~
That is huge!



This is really cool. A really cool tool that I want to use. I only have some concerns about how optimized it is. It seems simple enough to run it like it is but it keeps spiking my gpu above 60% and seems incredibly hardware intensive on my system. Is it mining crypto in the background?! I am really excited to use this for my streams although not my Valorant or Overwatch streams because of how heavy it is on my system. 

(specs: i7, 32gb of ram, 3080, SSD's/M.2's all around. It is a laptop though, not sure if that should be a big issue.)

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. I am really aware about this problem and it only happens to certain GPUs. I am still not sure why it happen.

Can u help me by going to %USER%\AppData\Roaming\Godot\...\logs folder

and check the log file? Is the log file size too big? if not, can u send me the log file?

(1 edit)

yes! I have found the most recent log file. . . but how would I send it? just a photo?

Alright thanks! This photo is enough. I suspect some leaking just like the log file said or the app is trying to gain maximum FPS because I didn't turn on any Vsync feature. I'll reach you out later if u want to help in further development. My discord is risun #4004


I would love to help with further development! I really want to use this software during all my streams once it doesn't effect my gameplay :) I sent the friend request. It should be from, "story"

ouh hi story hahaha


First of all thanks for the nice work you've done. I really enjoy the software and don't wanna miss it.
But I've something I coudn't figure out, sorry if you read that question all the time, but I've figuerd out that it's possible to switch between the presets with the Number-Keys. But is there a way to make global hotkeys or are there any, cause It would be cool if I would able to switch presets while ingame or something c:

Is there a MacBook tutorial? I followed every step leading up to the character import stage.My character is too big even if I scroll with my touchpad (mouse) to resize it, it just makes it go up and down, sideways too. If you could add a short key like shift (-) and shift (+) it would be awesome.  

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't know macbook user having that trouble with touchpad.  I'll add that feature soon.

Any update on this?

Hey! I know this doesnt work for android, but i really wana make a pngtuber to share my art and i dont own a PC, is there any way u can make an app like this for android??

I am working for the android version. It's gonna take some times and won't have the same features as the PC version. You can only do a screen recording with the early release.. I think.

Important question, could you make a M1 arm mac version build?

I'm not very familiar with mac and it's processor. I'll try 


Important question what size the image have to be?

It's doesn't matter because u can resize it by using mouse scroll wheel. Regardless, don't make ur png too small.

Hiya, having some issues finding the settings so I can set hotkeys... any way to do this in the current version? No cog is visible (though I may be blind), on Windows if that helps.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the hotkey setting is not available in the current version. I have plan to put it back but it gonna take some times.

thank you so much for your hard work, I love gazotuber!! sorry if this has been asked before but would you consider adding a feature for a custom background? either in the studio screen or as an additional option on top of the transparent and greenscreen option. the application I use to stream doesn't support chromakey right now so i can't do it that way. thank you!!!

Custom background was there in the older version but I had to remove it for now due to some issues. I'll put it back once I have the time. WHat application u are using to stream?

thank you, sounds good! I use Lightstream because I have a bad PC and no capture card lol. it used to have chromakey support but they removed it for some reason, and the transparent option just shows up as a black background


Hi! I noticed an issue with this program regarding audio inputs. Gazo Tuber only looks for microphone audio from the left channel. I have a microphone patched through an audio interface (an Audio Technica AT2020 plugged into a Behringer U-phoria UMC204HD), and while it works fine in most other programs, Gazo Tuber wouldn't detect any microphone audio. I only got it to work after I switched my microphone's XLR cable from the right input to the left input. (Veadotube Mini and Vtuber Studio both have the same issue.)

Hey thank you for ur feedback! This is really helpful. I think most engine pick up left input by default. I didnt know about this tho. Thanks again

Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to set another "profile" for this app? I have two or three models I'd like to swap between .

Currently there is no "profile". It only have Presets that u can swap.

I'm new and I'm having trouble trying to create a png-- I'm not sure how to get on, can someone guide me? I would appreciate it :D

u can try searching for picrew

hello, i'm using MacOS currently and followed the video mentioned, but every time i try to open it, it just crashes, almost immediately, is there any other way to solve this problem?

(1 edit)

Try downloading the app using itch.io app from Mac

(1 edit)

i tried that, but it still crashes and doesn't load still, and it says an error thing that says, "Exit code 1x0 (1) for (Gazo Tuber.app) "

How do you make a pngtuber I just went on this-

Does it have Virtual Webcam or are there any plans to implement it? ^-^

I have plan for that but you can use obs virtual camera for now

i just wanna know where to find the character's for it caus im not good at drawing

Search for picrew

It doesn't let me drag and drop or upload file, how do I upload an image?

(1 edit)

Click on the button first, left is resting and right is for talking.


I can't seem to add images to the program at all. Any suggestions?

Hi! Did u watch any tutorial on how to use the app? I'm sure the process of importing picture is pretty easy.

First, make sure u are clicking on the import icon first. Then, drag and drop your png from any folder.

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